How To Buy Vigrx Plus

In this post, it is assumed that — (1) you know VigRX Plus very well, (2) you know it should work well for you, and (3) you are ready to buy it now. If you think that this is not the case then it is recommended to go through the details of VigRX Plus and common male sexual health problem pages and find out if VigRX Plus can work for you (in-person), or there are low chances. In case you want to discuss these topics with someone then visit ourVigRX Plus forums section.

Here, we’ll…

How to order vigrx plus
  • Answer all common questions which comes in mind while ordering VigRX Plus.
  • Discuss shipping and other hidden charges.
  • Discuss all packages and hidden details (information) which one may not pay attention to but worth doing so.
  • Say a few words on so called FREE Trial or FREE Sample.
  • Figure out your best-fit package. i.e. How to pick the right package for yourself?
  • Discuss FREE bonus gifts. If they really worth something.
  • Discuss available methods to order, and how to use these methods?

This is an attempt to help VigRX Plus buyers take right decision and are well informed at the time of order.

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Questions which comes in mind while you order VigRX Plus:

VigRX Plus is an herbal supplement and it is NOT a drug, so prescription is NOT REQUIRED. But if you are already taking some ED or PE medication then you are recommended to talk to your doctor before you buy VigRX Plus. Also, if you are taking medicine of diabetes or a heart patient then you MUST seek your doctor’s recommendation for sexual health before you buy VigRX Plus.

Please NOTE… VigRX Plus is NOT sold in any store, not even in any city of the USA. So, you cannot buy VigRX Plus in stores. The ONLY place you can order VigRX Plus is their global official website, and for UK and Ireland customers. By not allowing VigRX Plus sold in store, they insure (at-least reduce the chances) that no counterfeit or fake VigRX Plus is manufactured or sold in the market.

VigRX Plus is sold across the globe. The countries where VigRX Plus is very popular ( highest buying countries) are: USA (All States of America except Mexico), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, India, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, and European Countries like France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland etc.
There are some countries where orders are NOT taken via FAX or regular Mails. These countries are: Pakistan, Algeria, Belize, Benin, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Haiti, Indonesia, Israel, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Liberia, Macedonia, Malawi, Malaysia, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Saint Lucia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Slovenia, Somalia, Togo, Tunisia, Vietnam, and Yemen. These countries can order VigRX Plus online on their official website only.
And there are some countries where VigRX Plus is NOT SOLD at ALL. These countries are: Afghanistan, Argentina, Cuba, Estonia, France (European Territory), Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Mexico, Myanmar, New Zealand, North Korea, Samoa, Sudan, Syria, and Venezuela.

The best way to make sure that you’re buying original VigRX Plus is to place your order online on their official website. The original VigRX Plus is sold on their official website only. Any other website selling VigRX Plus could be Fake or counterfeit, so BEWARE.

YES. The transaction is very secure. They use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts your information. Usually web browser indicates a valid certificate for encryption on the order page, indicated by a closed padlock icon. Credit card numbers are not stored or revealed at any time beyond the moment of transaction, and only transmitted at the time of purchasing to the appropriate credit card processing company.

You must have seen banners where shipping is mentioned FREE. It is true, but please NOTE that shipping is free ONLY if — (a) Your shipping address is in the USA, (b) You have opted for the Express (regular) shipping, and (c) You are ordering for FIVE or more month’s Package. All three conditions must match to avail free shipping. If any of these conditions don’t match, then you have to pay for shipping charges.
In the USA, there are 4 shipping options available– (1) 7-10 Days via USPS - $5.99 (if not applicable to free shipping), (2) 3-5 Day via UPS - $19.99, (3) 2-3 Day via UPS - $22.99, and (4) Overnight via UPS - $36.99. Tracking will be provided with all options.
In other countries, there are 3 shipping options available– (1) International Mail 10-14 Days via Parcel Post - $19.99 - No Tracking Provided, (2) International Rush 3-6 Days via DHL - $29.99 - Tracking Provided, and (3) International Rush 2-5 Days via FedEx - $42.99 - Tracking Provided.
Besides shipping charges, shipping insurance is also available. Shipping insurance charges are $3.99 (Fixed). Shipping insurance covers full coverage if package is lost, stolen or damaged. Shipping insurance is optional. We recommend to opt it as it is a cheap bargain for your peace of mind.
NOTE: Avoid using PO Boxes for your address. If given then shipping will be done via regular air mail and this does not have a tracking number. Also it takes 2-3 weeks to deliver your order. Always use physical mailing address..

Delivery time depends on the shipping option you choose. Usually all orders are delivered in 7-10 working days time if no special shipping option is chosen.

YES, you do have 67 days money back guarantee. It is recommended to read their money back guarantee terms carefully on their official website. The guarantee period of 67 days starts from the date of your order. Money back guarantee is available ONLY on first time orders. To receive a full refund, you need to send your all packets (both used and unused) to Leading Edge Health, c/o 129 Roweland Drive, Johnson City, TN, 37601, United States of America.
They must receive refund request and their packets back within guarantee period of 67 days. So, if you want a refund then you should send a request within 50 days or so time of your order date. Please NOTE… Shipping charges will NOT be refunded. They usually send your refund by the same method which you used for placing orders. So, if payment was made by credit card then you can expect a fast refund, and if payment was made by check (cheque) or money-order or demand draft, then it will take an equal amount of time to get a refund.

Packages and hidden details (information) which one may not pay attention to but worth doing so.

First lets see all Packages: There are Total 7 packages available to choose from. Please see these packages carefully at the official website by following below button:

Hidden Package Information:

buy vigrx plus

  • Cost of 12 month package has been JUST $105 more than that of 6 month package. In other words… You get double pills for extra $105 (instead of $384.99). Biggest Discounted Package is Diamond Package.
  • Free shipping is NOT available on 4 month and smaller packages.
  • FREE Bonus gifts are NOT available on 3 month, 2 month and single month packages.
  • Free bottle of Semenax is available only with 5 month, 6 month and 12 month packages.
  • Free bottle of Nexus Pheromones is available only with 6 months and 12 month packages.
  • All packages are backed by NO-RISK Money-Back Guarantee.

You should keep this information in mind while picking the right package for you.

Few words on FREE Trial or FREE Sample of VigRX Plus

As just said… VigRX Plus comes with NO-RISK Money-Back Guarantee. They seem confident enough in their product as they are offering this guarantee. This money-back guarantee is already discussed in the above question (8th question). The idea of FREE Trial comes from this guarantee. You place an order for 2 month package, use the pills for 50 or so days, and if you are not satisfied then return the empty boxes and ask for a refund. Once you get a refund, your VigRX Plus trial become FREE. Remember… Shipping charges will not be refunded. There is NO arrangement of getting VigRX Plus pills without making up-front payment. So, VigRX Plus is available for serious and sexual health conscious guys.

Figure out your best-fit package. i.e. How to pick the right package for yourself?

The Diamond package seems best bet among all packages in terms of saving money, return on investment and getting longer lasting results. But it does not necessarily a best-fit package for everyone. While picking best-fit package for yourself, you should keep below things in your mind:

  1. All above mentioned hidden package information.
  2. Your budget. See how much you can spend in one go. The bigger the package you pick, better it is. So, if your budget is low then consider your friend who might be interested in VigRX Plus, and try to go for as a bigger package as you can.
  3. Your need. If you want a penis exercise CD then you’ll need to pick 4 months or bigger package. Men only exercise CD is something valuable which comes FREE with VigRX Plus.
  4. The main purpose of Semenax is to increase semen volume and making sperms stronger (which VigRX Plus also support). So, if you don’t think you specially need Semenax then you can go for 4 month package. The 4 month package is the smallest package which comes with free gifts (but no free shipping). Also, if you are picking 4 months or smaller package, and you think you need Semenax, then you can order Semenax bottle separately with your order. You need to select an option for additional Semenax bottle.
  5. Similarly, if you don’t think you need Nexus Pheromones (which help sexually attract women), then you can go for 5 month or lower package, which also have FREE shipping available.
  6. As all packages comes with 67 days NO-RISK Money-Back Guarantee, so you should try to pick the bigger packages for the reasons of discounts and free gifts.

If you keep these points in your mind while picking your package, then you should end up with picking best-fit package for yourself.

FREE bonus gifts and their worth

It looks very nice to offer as many as 5 free bonus gifts along with free shipping and money back guarantee etc. But do these free stuff really worth anything? Lets have a look on them one-by-one.

  1. Man Only Exercise CD: For those who want a bigger penis size or correct penis shape, this man only exercise CD is quite valuable. This is an expert guideline CD for penis exercise. Not only this, CD contains penis exercises for erectile dysfunction as well as premature ejaculation. VigRX Plus produces faster results towards supporting ED and PE if their respective penis exercise is also done regularly. Hence, this Man Only Exercise CD holds a good WORTH.
  2. $25 Better Sex Mall Card: This card will provide you an extra discount of $25 is you purchase something at On this website there are awesome products (pills, oil, cream, spray, patches and more) available. But you may like these products or may not like. To redeem this free bonus gift you need to further spend some money on another product and shipping charges. Hence, it is of NO WORTH or very little worth.
  3. ErectionFitness Website Membership: This website offer a 120 days penis exercise course for getting bigger size erections. Please NOTE.. It is about erection size (i.e. The size of your penis when erect), and not penis size when flaccid or in general. VigRX Plus itself supports bigger erection size, and erection size does not matter much. All that matters is harder erection and excitement. Hence, it is of NO WORTH or very little worth.
  4. One Semenax Bottle: Semenax increases semen volume (resulting higher quality orgasm), build sperms stronger and increase their count. For those who are seeking some support to make their women pregnant and those who want real awesome pleasure of orgasm, Semenax is just awesome supplement. VigRX Plus does support semen volume and higher pleasure, but Semenax specialize in this area. Yes, it holds a good WORTH.
  5. One Nexus Pheromones Bottle: Nexus Pheromones are perfume which helps attracting women for talking, touching, sexual responsiveness. Every man wants this, not for only flirting several women, but also to feel being prince charm of many. Once women get sexually attracted then what else you need will be supplied by VigRX Plus. Nexus Pheromones seems to hold a good WORTH.

Different available methods to order, and how to use these methods?

First and foremost thing you should keep in your mind is that original VigRX Plus is available only at the official website. You can place your order there by using FOUR different methods.

order vigrx online
Online Order: It is best to buy your VigRX Plus online at their official website. This is not only cost effective but also faster, secure and error free. The only additional cost you need to pay is shipping cost (if applicable). You fill your billing and shipping address yourself, and your order is taken instantly. If you opt for online order, then you can pay via VISA Card, MasterCard, or American Express Card (Amex). Unfortunately, payment options like PayPal, Google checkout, MoneyBookers, Neteller, Bank Wire (Wire Transfer), Western Union, etc. are NOT available. You MUST have your credit card to place an online order.

order vigrx by phone
Phone Order: Phone order is an option, but it is no better than online order. You need to CALL their sales team and give your name, billing address, shipping address and most importantly your credit card information directly on the phone. There are good chances that the sales executive makes mistakes while noting your billing and shipping address. And above all, you are giving your credit card information on the phone. Don’t you think it is quite unsafe? Yes, it is. We personally don’t recommend Phone order. The only payment option is credit card, so no advantage over online order. You should call sales team for clearing your doubts and ask your queries, but avoid placing an order on phone.

order vigrx by fax
Fax Order: To make a Fax order, you need to fill the order form like you need to do for online order, then you print that form, write your credit card details, and then fax it to the VigRX Plus sales team. When you are filling an online form and paying via credit card, then why take an extra step when you can place your order online directly? So, Fax order is no advantage over online order. Giving your credit card details on a physical paper on Fax is not that secure. We personally don’t recommend Fax order, when you can do it online.

order vigrx by mail
Mail Order: Like Fax order, you need to fill the order form like you need to do for online order, then print that form, fill the remaining details including payment options, and then send it to the sales team by regular mail or courier. Here you have THREE more payment options other than credit card. You can provide your Credit Card details in the form, or you can make a Check (cheque) and attach it to the form, or send payment via Money Order, or can get a Bank Draft and attach it to the form. So, you have 4 payment options – Credit Card, Check (cheque), Money Order, and Bank Draft. If you have a credit card then online order is the best option. And if you don’t have a credit card, then mail order is only the alternate option you can use. Out of money order, check (cheque), and bank draft, we personally recommend the use of check (cheque). Why? Because payment by check (cheque) will be made after sales team receive your request and they can keep the records of your check (cheque). If you send a bank draft (demand draft), then you need to pay up front to the bank and you’ll attach it with a regular postal service where there are some chances of packet lost. And with the money order.. you are sending your money separately and your order request separately which make it little difficult to combine these two at sales department. Hence, if you have a credit card then go for online order, else you need to use mail order and while doing so, pick check (cheque) as your payment method. Your order will be processed once check (cheque) is paid, so this may take a few additional days, but it is safe and quite secure.


There are ONLY two good payment methods… Credit Card and Check (Cheque). Choose mail order and use the check (cheque) only if you don’t have a credit card. If you have Credit Card, then place your order online on their website.

Hope all information and knowledge you need at the time of placing your order is covered. If you have further queries or need some extra information then please feel free to ask either by commenting below or on our forums.