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One of the most popular herbal male enhancement supplement is VigRX Plus, you can order this pill direct on It is getting more and more popularity every year. There must be something very good about these pills which made them survive in market for more than one decade. Here will be discuss all those good things about these pills, i.e. their good results. Before going through the VigRX Plus results in detail, below facts should be known.

84 Days: VigRX Plus claims a significant improvement in men’s sexual performance, if it is taken, two pills a day, for 84 days.

Results May Vary: Results of any medication cannot be the same for every individual because of their different physio-chemical composition of the body.

Supplement, NOT a Medication: VigRX Plus is a supplement for better male sexual health, just like we have Horlicks and Bournvita for better body growth. It is NOT a medication, and should not be taken as treatment of any sexual health problem. In case of some disease or inability, please consult a doctor and take proper medication.

VigRX Plus is aimed to achieve better male sexual health abilities with the help of natural elements present in plants in order to keep the risk of harmful aftereffects at the lowest. The goodness of men’s sexual health can be measured on the scales of erection quality, desire for sex, staying power in bed, orgasm quality, manhood abilities i.e. ability to make women pregnant etc.

Vigrx Plus Results

Below are the VigRX Plus results, which you can expect for yourself:

(1) Better Erections

Lots of guys loose their ability of getting erections either completely or partially, with the age. And aging is something which no one can avoid. So, anything which can help fight decreasing erection ability should be given a try. Whatever claims are made by any product, overnight wonder cannot happen, especially if someone has already lost erection ability. Getting erections is our primary, natural, and inbuilt ability. It cannot be injected into the body. The best way is to preserve it as long as you can. Getting an instant erection for a single encounter with the help of some pills is achievable. Here, our natural, inbuilt erection ability is in discussion. It is precious, we all must preserve it as long as we can. Sexual health supplements seem top choice for the same.

Product’s Claim: HARDER erections on demand.
To Expect: Those who are already doing good at erections can expect even better i.e. harder and quicker, and those who are not doing good at it can expect good erections in around 3 months.

NOTE: Don’t expect instant erection as good as prescribed erection pills (for example- Viagra) on day one. But you can expect instant, harder erections on demand after 2-3 months of taking VigRX Plus pills, even without taking it just before sex.

Remember, it’s about natural, inbuilt and original erection ability and not just getting an erection at any particular time.

(2) Better staying power in bed

It is always better to stay longer in bed, at-least not to ejaculate early. Staying strength is important for sexual satisfaction for you and your partner. Not to surprise, staying power is better in older men than the younger ones. Ejaculating too early and too delayed are not desired. The younger men do ejaculate quickly due to higher stimulation, and older guys stay longer due to less stimulation (in most cases).

Product’s Claim: Longer-lasting erections.
To Expect: Those who generally get higher stimulation quickly can expect a longer stay in bed while feeling the same stimulation. And the older guys can expect higher stimulation and ejaculation in appropriate time.

How this can be expected from VigRX Plus? It contains those herbs which are capable to give strength to those penis muscles which are responsible for early ejaculation, and those herbs as well, which are capable to increase the pleasure or sensitivity or stimulation during sex encounters. Read detailed study on vigrx plus ingredients here.

(3) Bigger penis size when erect

Most guys think bigger the penis size…better it is. They are right when it comes to impression on women, and their better pleasure. Many women feel better stimulation with a wider and longer penis as the friction during thrust is higher. But how can bigger erection size be achieved? Generally erection size is bigger when men are more excited. Vig RX Plus increases that excitement.

Product’s Claim: Bigger erections in look and feel.
To Expect: Don’t expect an extra 3-4 inches, even after several months of taking any supplement. But yes… 1-2 extra inches can be seen when you are very much excited. Don’t expect an increase in natural penis size (whatever you have got by birth), it is about erection size i.e. penis size when erect.

NOTE: To achieve higher excitement and bigger erections there is a huge need of self confidence and thrill. So, those who have low self confidence, or in other words, those who have a psychological dysfunction need to consult relevant doctor before expecting bigger erection size.

(4) Increased sexual desire

Higher sexual desire (libido) results in higher excitement and hence bigger erection size. There are several aphrodisiacs herbs in vigrx plus, which results higher desire for sex.

Product’s Claim: Noticeable increase in sexual desire.
To Expect: Don’t expect it overnight or over a month. It should take 3-4 months before you can experience a noticeable increase in libido. Aphrodisiac food or herbs cannot show their results overnight, they take some time. Imagine eating spinach for better vision. The same thing is here. It takes time, but it is good for health.

(5) Better orgasm quality

Quality orgasm means higher pleasures of orgasm. How one can have higher pleasure at orgasm? By ejaculating larger volume of thicker semen. The density and volume of semen increase with the increase of testosterone level.

Product’s Claim: More frequent, more intense orgasms.
To Expect: This vigrx plus result can be expected as claimed. More frequent orgasm also means an increased number of sexual activity over a certain period of time. And this is what we called as sexual stamina. How longer, and how frequently one can have sex is his sexual stamina. Guys reported doing 3-4 times sex in a day. So, you can expect better sexual stamina.

With so many awesome expected results, VigRX Plus seems to good choice for those who want to enjoy their sexual life for a longer time with abilities and excitement as that of young men. A good sexual health supplement should be right and productive enough that overall sexual abilities should be preserved, enhanced and become better with time. VigRX Plus results are matching all features of a good sexual health supplement.

(6)Better fertility and virility

VigRX Plus increases the sperm count, provide them strength, and hence make men more fertile. Higher sperm count and stronger sperms make women pregnant easily. Thicker semen contain higher sperm count which are able to penetrate deep into uterus of women, meet with the egg, and make women conceive. Virility means men’s capability of copulation (penetrate into women) and procreation (making women pregnant).

Related Common Questions

millions of men use vigrx plus

I’m taking VigrxPlus since 1st Dec 2012. 2 pills a day and at this moment I do not find any of the results expected. What’s happen? Is it too much early?

John JOS User

Yes, it happens for some guys that results don’t show for 5-6 weeks, later they appear very fast. Wait for few more weeks and hopefully you’ll have some good results.


hi !!! i am in age of 30 and yet not married. my penis size is small and i am afraid of it as i m going to married after 3 months… i have no severe disease,, only i am a little bit fat. and my heart beat average is 100 p/s as i checked it on my iphone. suggest me if i take VigRx Plus to increase my peni size and to increase men power !! will it be effective for me ? Have Vigrx Plus Side Effects my eyesight is also weak i am using contact lense in left eye.

Awan User

Please read the (3) result above. It supports erection size, but not your flaccid size. Erection size is bigger because of higher arousal and thrill. VigRX Plus is not a penis enlargement supplement. But it comes with penis exercise free CD which guide on penis enlargement. You need to do penis exercises as per guidelines from experts and then you can expect some bigger size. Read more about it in ‘buying time issues’ post.

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Is there someway to increase sexual desire instantly? Also, if i take vigrx plus for 3-4 months and don’t do sex, then will my libido increase?

John Carter User

I saw your thread and posts on our forums. Basically you are engaged in your work and don’t have time for paying attention towards sex or erotic things. You might be a normal and there is nothing to worry about. Still… there is no method to increase sexual desire instantly. And yes.. if you don’t do sex and take vigrx plus for 3-4 months then for sure there should be increase in your libido. BTW.. if you take vigrx plus then there is very few chances of living without sex for 3-4 months. Comm’on buddy! just come out of your work and meet your friends and see the difference. Cheers!

Vigrx Plus Faq


My husband had a Heart Attack in 1991 is it safe for him to take VigRX Pills.

Magdal User